• Preparing your work for publication?
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Professional editing, manuscript appraisal, or taking your manuscript through the self-publishing process – our professional, high-quality, affordable services can help you achieve your goals.


To edit something means to revise it. The only purpose of revising something is to make it better. 

Copy editing is the process of checking written material for grammar, spelling, style, and punctuation issues. A copy editor may also do a rewrite to fix problems with transitions, wordiness, jargon, and to ensure the style of the piece fits with the publication.


A manuscript appraisal, or assessment, considers the structure, content and style of your manuscript. It is sometimes known as a ‘structural’ or ‘substantive’ edit.

The assessment may include matters such as plot, character, point of view, pace, writing style, narrative, dialogue, presentation, length, use of research, readership, and even marketing or publishing possibilities.


Traditional publishers generally accept around 1% of manuscripts submitted to them. The process to then take the work through to publication can easily take between 2 and 3 years. The author then usually receives between 8% and 15% of royalties payable.

As a result, many authors are considering alternative publishing options for their work.

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We are a small editing and publishing service offering affordable services to authors, writers, and other creators.

We specialise in helping Indie Authors get their manuscripts published.

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