A New Editing and Publishing Business

Just a short post to say hello and introduce ourselves.

We’re a new business, located in northern NSW, in Australia. Serotine’s services fall into three broad categories – editing & proofreading, manuscript assessments, and assistance to authors wanting to self-publish.

In terms of editing and proofreading, we offer professional, affordable, editing services to any individual or business that wants to have an expert pass their eye over their material before they go to print or send it out to their customers or clients. Our principal editor, Mark McCabe is a qualified editor and proofreader. He is also a published author and has had an extensive former career as a senior public servant both for the Commonwealth Government and in the ACT public service.

We also undertake manuscript assessments to let authors know if they are on the right track with the material they are working on and to provide, if necessary, suggestions for aspects that may need further work or a different approach. Our goal in this regard is to provide authors with a constructive assessment that includes any recommended suggestions for improvement, rather than a report card.

Finally, we recognise that traditional publishing is becoming more and more difficult for authors to access. As a result, many are turning to self-publishing. The self-publishing process, however, has its own complexities. We will take your work through this for you to ensure that you get what you should be looking for from this process – a professional end-product that you will be proud to have your name on and which doesn’t shout ‘SELF-PUBLISHED’ as soon as someone looks at it.

There is no reason why a self-published book can’t be virtually indistinguishable from one produced by one of the big publishing houses. That’s where our experience and knowledge of the industry come into play. That’s why we self-publish through our publishing imprint – Serotine Press.

At the same time, we recognise that self-publishing is a cost, particularly for a budding author. With that in mind, our goal is to offer an affordable self-publishing service that is accessible to as many prospective authors as possible. Our aim is to help you get published. You retain all the rights to your book and our only ongoing fee is a very small percentage of ongoing royalties to cover our administration costs in managing that aspect for you.

Over the coming months, we will be posting more detailed blogs on various aspects of the editing and publishing process – starting with the self-publishing process.

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