Serotine eBook and Print Combo

Traditional publishers generally accept around 1% of manuscripts submitted to them. Assuming you can find a publisher who will even consider unsolicited manuscripts for assessment, assuming your manuscript is accepted, the process to take a work through to publication can easily take two and sometimes up to three years. The author then usually receives somewhere between 8% and 15% of royalties [i.e. not of the sale price] payable. 

Our eBook and Print Combo combines all of the elements of our eBook Package as well as our Print Publication Package.

This ensures that your book is given the widest sales exposure possible in the marketplace. While physical books still outsell eBooks overall, why deny yourself access to either of these portions of the publication market.

All key decisions about the publication of your book are made in consultation with you with you having the final say.

Note: We publish your book and collect royalties for you but we do not market your book – that is your responsibility. We will however provide you with advice about some of the way self-publishing authors have managed to secure significant sales for their work.

PRICE: $1,850

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