Serotine Print Publication Package

Our print publication package involves us taking your manuscript, formatting it for publication as a paperback [and/or a hardback version for a small additional fee], including all the necessary ‘Front Matter’ and ‘End Matter’ for inclusion in the finished publication, supplying and allocating an ISBN, and designing and preparing a cover. Using our publishing imprint, Serotine Press Australia, we will then publish the book under your name as a ‘Print-on-Demand’ (POD) publication with Amazon and all of its affiliates, as well as IngramSpark and all of their affiliates.

Together, Amazon and IngramSpark distribute their publications, through their affiliates, to almost all of the major book distributors worldwide.

In addition, we will lodge your book with the National Library of Australia legal deposit scheme so that it is preserved in their archive for future generations.

Upon publication we supply you with 10 copies of your book and are available to acquire further copies at cost when you require.

As with all of our packages, the copyright remains yours and all royalties other than a small percentage [10%] to cover our ongoing administration costs flow to you. We manage payment of royalties to you on an ongoing basis so that you don’t have to wait for Amazon sales to exceed US$100.

All key decisions about the publication of your book are made in consultation with you with you having the final say.

Note: We publish your book and collect royalties for you but we do not market your book – that is your responsibility. We will however provide you with advice about some of the way self-publishing authors have managed to secure significant sales for their work.

PRICE: A$1,395

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