Serotine Ultimate Publishing Package

Our Ultimate Publishing Package includes much more than just publishing.

The first thing we do when we receive your manuscript will be to do a comprehensive appraisal of the text. This review will address all of the issues a traditional publisher would consider and will include a structural edit. Questions to be considered include:

  • Is the story well-balanced,
  • is the storyline consistent,
  • are the characters properly developed, where appropriate, and are they treated consistently in the text,
  • is the pace appropriate for the plot and the genre,
  • is the plot appropriate for the genre it sits within,
  • does the story address the expectations of the target audience.

We will then discuss these aspects with you with suggestions, where necessary, for changes or improvements.

Once the story is in good shape, we will do a comprehensive copy edit. This could involve several iterations to get the manuscript into the best shape.

Once we move to the publishing phase we will do all the things we would do in our eBook and Print Combo, with the added bonus that we will engage one of the best cover designers available for the genre your manuscript sits within. No matter how good the text is, the quality of a book’s cover can make or break it in the marketplace.

SWe will proofread the final version before publication.

As well as eBook we will arrange for publishing of Print-on-Demand paperback and hardcover print versions.

When the book is published you will be provided with 50 author copies of the paperback version.

We will provide 250 promotional postcards as part of this package as well as our usual guide to marketing for self-publishers.

As with all of our packages, the copyright remains yours and all royalties other than a small percentage [10%] to cover our ongoing administration costs flow to you. We manage payment of royalties to you on an ongoing basis so that you don’t have to wait for Amazon sales to exceed US$100.

All key decisions about the publication of your book will be made in consultation with you – with you having the final say.

Note: We publish your book and collect royalties for you but we do not market your book – that is your responsibility. We will however provide you with advice about some of the way self-publishing authors have managed to secure significant sales for their work.

PRICE: S10,950

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